14 June, 2017

FCL and the Ascending Scallop Pattern - Part 1

For long-term investing, we usually look at fundamental analysis. It may also be useful to combine FA with technical analysis (TA).

A pattern was observed in FCL and the "uptick" or ascending scallop pattern may materialize with an uptrend. Neither am I speculating here nor an expert on TA, my prediction is that it will go even higher like most past scallops. Nevertheless, it might go the other way by falling. This will be further updated in a Part 2 post.



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09 June, 2017

Are you Tired of your job and considering a change of industry?

Work life balance, does it still exist here? Singapore is a "global central hub", which means we are very busy at what we do. Competition is high while human resources are scarce given how vast an environment we lived in. Staffs who work at banks often stay back late, same for many else. Even at government jobs, you cannot deny how slow the services are due to the heavy work load. However, government jobs may have the luxury of taking it slow unlike private sectors.

At your current job, you may face the similar heavy tonnage of workload and do you feel the time to time urge to throw in the towel? Nevertheless, any jobs that are relaxing in Singapore are also often low waged. This creates another type of dissatisfaction. Of course there are exceptions with highly paid jobs and “reasonable” workload. These posts are usually niche or highly skilled.

Recently, my colleagues and I have pondered if we really want to remain in our industry. In the future, we will have a family and our own houses to maintain. Your parents may no longer be staying with you to clean your houses or wash your clothes. The already limited personal time will be further reduced. At that point of time, you will treasure your time more and question the amount of time you spent at work can better be spent elsewhere with your kids or chores. If one is still near its early working life , they still stand a better chance  to pick another career path. At most, you have to accept a pay cut or a same pay slip. Never forget that when age catches up with us, employers will rather hire young chaps who can learn faster, are more alert and willing to accept the lower start pay. When we are old and looking back, it will be then too little too late to change our fate while the resistance to change becomes even stronger.

We understand that nobody really wants to work. If you really hate what you are doing for 5/7 days of each week, it may be time to consider looking elsewhere like what I am pondering now.

27 May, 2017

How I achieved a 16.6% Year-To-Date Returns

XIRR incorporates the date of investments into its calculation and this is the reason why it was not in my calculations. I do not see the need to make things complicated when it can be simplified. So how was the 16.6% (as of 27/05/17) derived? It is just a mere excel calculation consisting of the cumulative positive returns from sold shares, current market paper gain and dividends received (along with transaction costs) since 2017 has started. This YTD date figure will change daily, responding to the daily price movements along with the time-to-time dividends received. I may elaborate more on my current holdings in a future post.

Portfolio Rankings:

Top Performer in Returns
Frasers Centrepoint Limited (17% Paper Gain)

Worst Performer in Returns
Singtel (2.4% Paper Gain)

Top Dividends Stock
Frasers Commercial Trust (7.50% Expected Dividends Returns)

Least Dividends Stock
Singtel (4.79% Expected Dividends Returns)

Actions YTD:

Sold this year
DBS (19% profit)
City Developments (8.5% profit)

Bought this year -Boats Boarded, Bon Voyage!
Ø  Singtel
Ø  Frasers Commercial Trust
Ø  Capitaland Retail China Trust

Boats Dearly Missed ,YTD- with hindsight
Ø  Venture Corp
Ø  Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

Current Holdings and Dividends Received YTD:
Ø  Frasers Centrepoint Limited (4.71%)
Ø  Singtel
Ø  Capitaland Retail China Trust
Ø  Frasers Commercial Trust (1.98%)